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We have a dream and we want you to join us as we adventure along the way.

We started as a few strangers who loved playing The Sims and have grown into a community that supports and encourages creativity, individuality, and respect.

Supporting Gamers with and without disabilities or impairments, we are dedicated to eliminating disability discrimination within the gaming industry, and supporting those in need along the way.

Our community spans from the U.K to South Africa, The Philippines, the U.S.A, and further.

Join us in our Forums, dive into our Groups and submit a blog piece.

No matter what you play or you wish to do, we have you covered.

Did you know we branded our magazines? Previously SimmedUp Mag and SupStyle Magazine have now changed to SIM Magazine and SIMStyle Magazine, are you as excited as we are? 

SIM = Sup In Media 

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Did You Know?

We created the Sup File Share area for our members  '.

Not only can you share your Sims tray files, but you can also upload your blog submissions, share content with your friends, and upload your Sims CC in zip files among many other file sharing options.

This option is only available to our Members so make sure you get in on the action and start sharing today.

*Please note zipping files is the best way to share on this service, files currently accepted can be found on the File Share Page.