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Kate aka The Simming Spoonie

I’m a 40 something, Spoonie Warrior, from the UK, I live with my soulmate and our three kitties. I have always been a gamer, I blame my mum, who used to manage a PC shop back in the early when I was in primary school. I was bought up with Amigas and Atari's and can remember playing the original Tomb Raider as a family, with my sister at the controller. Now the husband and I have identical gaming rigs, which we built and maintain and we both love gaming, we have a piece of custom art from Mass Effect on our office wall. I love all sorts of games, from The Sims to Mass Effect, Cities Skylines, and GTA. I adore being able to play games coop with the other half, this love affair started back with Rainbow 6 Vegas and continues to the present day with Ghost Recon, Borderlands, and soon Far Cry 6! Gaming is my one true passion.



Director, Admin Manager & Content Creator